On Aug. 1, 2018, the two fastest-growing short-form video app of the world - TikTok and have announced to merge their apps as one platform. They aim to create a bigger and better video community. Moreover, the upgraded application will apply the same name - TikTok, and the TikTok logo.

1. What is the TikTok App?

TikTok is a Chinese app, first released in September 2016 by TouTiao. It has the ability to allow users to create their own music video clips with ease, which supports to not only shoot video clips but also edit videos with background music and effects. This TikTok Chinese app aims to provide a platform for the new generation to express their innovative and creative ideas through shooting TikTok music videos and make it easy for them to share with the world.

TikTok app is very popular in China and it began to expand its international market in September 2017. It started in the Indonesian market at first. So far TikTok has reached more than 150 million daily active users, covering over 150 countries around the world. What's more, TikTok app ranked No.1 among free mobile app downloads on App stores in Thailand on 23 January 2018.

Tik Tok


1.1 Overview on TikTok APK

Name TikTok
Type Video Sharing
Apk Size 60.0 MB
Developed by TouTiao
Initial Released on September 2016
Latest Version Version 8.3.1
Updated On August 27, 2018
Operating System Android, iOS
Requirements Android 4.1+/ iOS 9.0 or later
Apk Rate 4.6/5.0
Content Rate Rated for 12+Parental Guidance Recommended
License Free
Downloads More than 50 millions

1.2 Screenshot of TikTok APK

Now, you already have a general idea on TikTok APK. It is a wonderful music video sharing platform and social community. Its amazing features might be the key to attract more and more users.

2. Features on TikTok App

TikTok is created to allow users to share the unique video clips made by themselves with friends and even the world. Moreover, TikTok APK has some powerful features that make it become more competitive among massive video makers around the world.

2.1 Product Innovations 

Throughout all popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all of them would like to make use of words, pictures. However, none of them are classified into short video maker category. If you want to share awesome videos on them, you need to shoot and edit the videos at the beginning, then, upload to the website. It seems quite inconvenient.

Therefore, TikTok has made a breakthrough. It allows you to shoot video in 15 seconds with ease. You can shoot and share your TikTok video clips at any time and anywhere. In the product detail design, TikTok app also has made some innovation, for example, the "Hold to shoot" button which is designed to be movable. Keep holding this button, and then, move it so that you can switch and zoom the lens easily. With TikTok app, you will have a new experience in shooting videos.

Also, you can follow TikTok on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so that your videos in TikTok can be shared with more friends. TikTok on YouTube have owned more than 5 million views and more than 16.4 million fans follow TikTok on Instagram.

Hold to Shoot Button


2.2 Easy Operation

One of the flashpoints of TikTok APK could be easy-to-operate. To create a video clip on TikTok, it's very easy because TikTok app has well organized all the editing functions for users to use. TikTok aims to provide video editing service for mobile users, so all operations on this app are easy and clear to master. 

Just 3 steps. Open TikTok. > Press "+" icon. > Tap the red circle to start shooting. Then, a unique TikTok video is created. Of course, if you want to perfect your short video, you can choose an effect, change the speed of the TikTok video and so on. All edition settings are only needed to open a related section, and then, choose an option you want. It's very easy.

2.3 Facial Recognition

In order to enrich users' short videos, TikTok app offers lots of creative functions to users, for example, facial recognition - Pride, Face Filters, 3D Mask, AR. TikTok employs high-speed image capture so as to match all your happy, sad, cool, or silly expression to perfect the facial feature as possible.

Some people might worry that face filters or a 3D mask will affect the fluency of the short video. Don't worry. With the powerful technology supported, eye location and face features are successfully detected. Therefore, a TikTok video with face filters or 3D mask will also play smoothly.

Facial Recognition


2.4 Smooth Interface Design

Black is the core theme color of TikTok app, delivering a sense of reliability and professionalism. Using a brighter color like white for the characters and strengthening some content in yellow. In this way, contents are much easier to catch so that users can easily capture the needed information on the app. Moreover, TikTok app also provides the animated thumbnail option for users so as to make the TikTok video preview more interesting and attractive.

What's more, as for some operations, TikTok app will offer some instructions to guide users. Its smooth interface design makes the whole app easier to use and improves the overall experience in using TikTok.

Smooth Interface

2.5 Rich Music Library

Music is a big element to create TikTok videos. When you shoot a video on TikTok, you can choose TikTok songs as the background music for the video. This app provides several options of music songs for users to select such as Hit, Party, K-POP, Funny, Sports, Cute, School, Emotions, Anime, Challenge.

Also, users are able to directly choose songs from the Hot Songs list. Moreover, you can tap the star icon to add music songs to My Favorites list. What's more, My Song list will automatically detect your local music song. Massive music library can help users to make more creative video clips.

Music Library

2.6 Creative Community

TikTok is a global video sharing community, providing a video social network for users to share creative video clips made by themselves. Users can watch awesome TikTok online videos from others. Likewise, other people can view yours. If you are interested in someone's video clips, you can follow his/her channel.

When you want to share your amazing short videos with others, there are two ways provided. First, you can share video clips via TikTok. Open a video you need. > Tap the share option. > Select the platform you want to share. If there is no needed platform, you can tap "Other" option to have a look. Or you are able to try another method to share. You can save the shooting video to the local, then upload it to other video hosting sites like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and so forth.

Share Tik Tok Video

As a creative community, TikTok allows users to interact with each other. When you open a TikTok online video, you can share comments after tapping the related icon. Of course, if this TikTok online video is interesting, you can give it a like by tapping the heart icon or double tap on the screen. TikTok app is not only just a video creator but also an awesome platform to make friends.

Unlike many video makers, TikTok occasionally releases some interesting shooting challenges for users. Many of these challenges require more than one person so that users can shoot a video clip with friends or family members. What's more, one video clip is only 15 seconds. In this way, the shooting process might become much easier and happier.

2.7 Other Features

  • Clear and concise interface with a user-friendly design.
  • Manual slip duration.
  • Slow motion supported.
  • Create awesome video clips with ease.
  • A Creative platform for sharing innovative content.
  • Massive song lists containing lots of options for users.
  • High-quality output video clips.
  • Intelligent face recognition technology.
  • No ads or virus bother.
  • High-speed saving created videos to the local.
  • ...

3. TikTok and

Both TikTok and are Chinese music video apps, which allow users to shot short videos using many editing tools and adding background music songs. They used to be different in release time, users group, video content and logo color. But now, TikTok and have united to a new global app.

3.1 The Merger of TikTok and

On November 9, 2017, Bytedance Technology Co. acquired, Inc for as much as the US $1 billion. On August 1, 2018, was merged with its Chinese counterpart TikTok which also belongs to Bytedance. The newly upgraded app keeps named TikTok. Existing users will automatically upgrade to TikTok when they update the current app.

The merge is expected to bring in more users, particularly users from Indonesia as the biggest market in Southeast Asia. Through the merge, in the future, the platform aims to put more focus on developing AI-based technologies, combined with local elements in each market they operate in.

3.2 Upcoming Features of New TikTok App

The newly upgraded TikTok incorporates the most popular elements of both apps and is making efforts to provide more user-friendly services for global users. Following are some upcoming features of new Tik Tok:

  • A "reaction" feature allows users to react to friends' videos directly from the phone.
  • Enhanced creative tools like interactive gesture filters, unlock features, and camera effects.
  • VR-type filters that can be activated just by blinking.
  • Green screen-like background effects.
  • A new safety center dedicated to providing tips and resources to help users search topics.
TikTok is available now to new users everywhere via the App Store or Google Play stories. Go and download TikTok app and shot your unique videos.

4. How to Download TikTok APK on Android Devices?

TikTok APK is totally free-to-download, providing powerful and professional service for users to create and share wonderful video clips. After being released for short time, TikTok App has gained a huge popularity around the world, especially in Asian countries like Indonesia, Japan, Thailand. Its active users are more than one billion for each month, covering over 150 countries.

To download TikTok APK on your Android devices, you can simply access it on Google Play or its official website, here's a simplified tutorial on downloading TikTok APK on Android.

STEP 1. Download TikTok APK.

STEP 2. And then, choose "Install" option to continue to install the TikTok Apk.
STEP 3. Follow the instructions to install TikTok APK.

And that's all you need. It's really easy, right? After installing it, the next step for you can be creating your own video clip.

5. How to Download TikTok App on iOS Devices?

Fortunately, TikTok app is also supported to download on iPhone/iPad, requiring iOS 9.0 or later. In this way, iOS users are able to enjoy the TikTok app as well. To get TikTok on iPhone/iPad, you can easily search it on App Store, and you will find it.
  • Simply tap the "GET" button.
  • Then, tap "Install" button on the pop-up window. 
  • Moreover, enter the Apple ID passcode, if necessary.
  • MP3 Downloads from YouTube
Download Tik Tok iPhone

Next, you can follow the last part to create your own video clips on TikTok. However, it's slightly different to make video between Android and iPhone/iPad.

On iPhone/iPad, after tapping "+" icon, a pop-up window will be shown up to require you to select a background music. You can directly search your needed TikTok music, or choose one from the Hot Songs list. What's more, Tik Tok allows users to add songs into "My Favorites" list for later use.

NOTE. Because of region restriction, TikTok is not available to download on some regions such as The United States.

6. How to Make a TikTok Video?

After the installation of TikTok APK on your Android device, you might want to shoot your own video clip immediately. Fortunately, one of the bright spots of the TikTok app is that it's very easy to use TikTok. Users can create an amazing video clip with a few simple steps.

STEP 1. Launch TikTok APK.
STEP 2. Simply tap "+" icon, and then, you can shoot your unique short video.

Launch Tik Tok

Of course, if you want to make the video much better, you can add a TikTok song to it. What's more, there are some amazing functions provided also on the right side of the screen - Speed mode, Beautify, Timer. Moreover, TikTok app has the ability to make the video slower or faster. On the bottom left corner, you can choose an effect to make your TikTok video much more amazing.

All settings are based on your preference. Besides, TikTok also supports users to upload completed 15 seconds video clip and share with others on TikTok APK.

Tap to Shoot

Besides, if you don't have any good idea on shooting video, don't worry, many hashtag challenges are offered on TikTok APK, for instance, #fingerdance, #superpower, #coolestme, and so on. You can join in any challenge to attract more followers.

All of these are easy to follow, so you can take it easy to challenge. What's more, the TikTok app has also provided shooting guides for users on the second tab of the interface. Therefore, don't worry. Shoot TikTok video and have fun.

Then, you have mastered the method to make a TikTok video. Let's create more video clips and share with others.

7. Most Popular TikTok Music

TikTok is a music video app which allows users to add TikTok song to their videos as the background music. You can choose your TikTok song from TikTok music list which contains a wide variety of music styles, including hip-hop and electronic. TikTok music video app helps you enjoy watching videos and listening to music at the same time!

7.1 TikTok Songs 2018

It seems that TikTok songs have earworm effects. After watching TikTok videos, most users found that TikTok songs repeated in their mind. TikTok app has its own charm to propel many songs to fame, like Learn to Meow, Saranghaeyo, 123 I love You. Listening to TikTok music is a very good entertainment.

There is a YouTube video listing popular TikTok songs in 2018. Click this link to enjoy listening to the most popular TikTok songs! TikTok songs 2018 – Best China TikTok Music 2018

Tik Tok Song 2018

7.2 How to Download TikTok Songs?

Many users do love TikTok music so that they would like to listen to TikTok songs whenever and wherever. Although TikTok music is tightly connected with TikTok videos, people are looking for ways to download TikTok songs online from the TikTok app. If you are one of them, VidPaw is the best choice for you. Just with some simple clicks, you can download TikTok songs on your Android, iPhone or PC for free.

STEP 1. Play a video on TikTok app and copy its link.
STEP 2. Go to VidPaw and enter the link into the bar.
STEP 3. Scroll down to find the “Audio Download” section and select the format and quality you want.

Tik Tok Song VidPaw Audio Download
STEP 4. Click the “Download” button and then enjoy your favorite TikTok songs.

If you find the above method troublesome and your favorite TikTok songs also are playing on TikTok YouTube, you may try this simple trick.

STEP 1. Play the music video on the YouTube site.
STEP 2. Change the URL into by inserting "paw" behind the word "youtube" in the link address
STEP 3. Click on enter, and you can go to VidPaw to download the video directly after selecting “Audio Download”.

Tik Tok Song YouTubePaw Download
Note: This method is only available for the videos/audio from YouTube at present.

VidPaw is also a free video downloader which allows users to download TikTok videos online. Just paste the URL of TikTok video into VidPaw bar and choose your favorite video format and quality to download. Or adding “paw” after "youtube" in the address bar if you want to download TikTok videos on YouTube.

8. FAQ on TikTok App

8.1 Is TikTok Free to Download? 

Yes. TikTok app is 100% free for users to download. No charge or cost. You can easily enjoy TikTok music video app for free.

8.2 Is TikTok Available for PC?

TikTok app is available to download on Android 4.0 or later and iOS 9.0 or later. Unfortunately, TikTok app does not offer a desktop version of TikTok right now. However, you can still access TikTok on social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on, because users would like to share or upload their TikTok video clips on social media.

8.3 How can I Add Friends on TikTok App?

To add friends on TikTok, there are several methods.

Method 1
  • Move to the final tab of TikTok.
  • Tap the icon for finding friends.
  • Then, you can add your Facebook friends to the TikTok app also.
Method 2
  • When you and other users have followed each other, you will be friends automatically.
Method 3
  • Tap "···" icon on the final tab to activate the TikTok menu.
  • Choose "My QR Code".
  • Share your QR code with others to scan so as to add each other as friends. 
Change Tik Tok ID

8.4 Can I Change my TikTok ID?

Yes. A TikTok ID can be changed once a month. Moreover, Tik Tok should be less than 16 characters, only containing letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. Please remember that once you've changed it, you are not allowed to change again within 30 days.
  • Directly tap avatar or "Edit Profile" to move to the Profile page.
  • Change your TikTok ID.
  • Then, tap the "Save" button on the upper right corner to save the change.

8.5 How to Block Someone's Account on TikTok APK?

If you don't want to see someone's video clips, you can tap "···" icon on his/her profile page. Then, choose "Block" option and confirm your setting.
If you want to unblock it, you can make it on "Privacy and Safety" section.
  • Tap "···" icon on the final tab to go to "Privacy and Settings".
  • Choose "Privacy and Safety" > "My Block List".
  • Tap the "Unblock" button.
  • Then, you can access his/her information again.

8.6 When I don't this Account Anymore, Aan I Delete My Account?

Of course, yes. If you want to delete your TikTok account, just a few steps are needed.
STEP 1. Navigate to "Privacy and Settings".
STEP 2. Go to "Privacy and Safety", then, "Delete Account".
STEP 3. Make confirmation on the pop-up window.

8.7 How can I Clear Cache on TikTok APK?

  • Go to "Privacy and Settings".
  • Tap "Clear Cache" option > "Clean".
  • Then, all cache will be cleared.

8.8 Is TikTok App Safe?

Of course, yes. TikTok app aims to offer a platform for users to easily create, edit, share and enjoy video clips with friends or others from all over the world. It's supported to download on Google Play for Android, App Store for iPhone/iPad. Therefore, there is no doubt that it's absolutely safe to use.


Tik Tok Pic

9. More Apps


As a global video community, allows users to create amazing short videos, edit and share with the world. With, users can create 15 seconds to 1 minute short video with simple steps. Because of its awesome services, has gained more than 200 million users since it was first released in 2014.

#2 Dubsmash

Dubsmash has similar services to For example, users also are able to create lip-sync videos over audio clips on Dubsmash. Moreover, this app allows users to upload their own audio as well and add effects, filters to make the video much better. After that, users can share their video from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

#3 VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a powerful app because it has the ability to offer amazing shooting service for users on Android or iPhone. Users can edit background music before or after shooting a short video on VivaVideo. Besides, it also contains many features: Massive sound effect library; Easy and all-powerful editing experience; More than 1,000 video editing effects, etc.

#4 VideoShow Video Editor

VideoShow Video Editor is one of the most popular video editors on Android or iPhone, providing the basic editing service for users such as trim video, add text, add background music and so on. It's a very simple but powerful video editor. Moreover, there are many awesome on this app as well. But if you want to enjoy the full version of VideoShow Video Editor, you need to purchase it beforehand.

#5 KineMaster

When someone asks is it any powerful video editor available, KineMaster must be on the list. First of all, it contains almost all the basic services that most of the other video editors can do. What's more, KineMaster can also import multiple videos, images and effect layers. If you are interested, you should download it to explore all the function on KineMaster. To begin with, this app will offer you a free trial to have a try. Then, you'll need to pay $4.99 per month to get the full version.

Among millions of video editors around the global, TikTok holds more all-rounded services to support users to create their unique and awesome short videos. Now let's download TikTok on your portable device to make your life more vivid.

10. User Reviews

"It's very cool to make a video with TikTok. It's awesome! Very easy to use. Because it's only 15 seconds available, it will not cost you much time to make a video clip. I will share it with my friends definitely."
-- Alexander Lee
"TikTok must be the best video clip maker ever! It's so amazing! It will be my favorite app in 2018!"
-- Jame Park
"It's hard to believe that all services on TikTok are totally free to use. Users can simply create their 15-second video clips. My favorite part is the massive music library. I can add suitable background music to perfect my video. It's awesome!"
-- Chen Pang